Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Suspended railway MOC

In my Lego city, nothing's really serious. From Chewbacca in the public toilet, to Doctor who and the Tardis parked by the beach, there are funny little scenes and references everywhere. I wanted to have a sort of underground area in my city, but without having to raise it up. So, instead, I raised the railway itself. Below are some pictures. The train shown is the Emerald Night, a creator set. Under the railway, I have a group of Emmets, the Agents from the Lego agents theme, and a homeless man with a flaming rubbish bin. The original plan for the barrier separating the road and the track was for it to be made entirely of 8x8 modified grill plates, but I simply didn't have enough of them, and I'm too impatient to make a Bricklink order. I may make adjustments to this design in the future, but at the moment, it will stay like that.

Thanks for reading - The little brick blogger

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